Problems persist in the Balkans

In spite of tightened border restrictions and an increasingly difficult journey, refugee arrivals to the Hungarian border have continued, and issues with smugglers persist in Macedonia. There were also reports of violent attacks and sexual assaults on refugees in Macedonia. A volunteer with MSF stated “closure of the borders will not discourage people from migration. It will just put them in a more vulnerable position and make them more exposed to smugglers,”

Greece: Arrivals Decreased; but the Refugee Crisis Continues

With refugee arrivals to Greece now diminished, the images of dead and injured refugees on Greek shores feel only like distant memories; the humanitarian crisis now in the hands of Italy and Turkey. However, the refugee crisis in Greece is far from over; in March 2016, up to 44,000 refugees were hosted in Greece, whereas as of 21st August there are 58,380 refugees in the country.