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IISA is a think-tank and an intellectual forum for addressing the current and future dynamics of the Islamic-world in its totality, and its interaction with western civilisation. Based in London, IISA aims to create trans-Islamic and global reach with branches in major capitals across the Islamic and western world.

As a non-profit, independent and academic organization, IISA seeks to establish a platform where the Islamic-world’s dynamics, trends, issues, problems or crises are analysed through working according to local models and realities rather than with external standards or perceptions. It aspires to be the leading think-tank on the Islamic-world and its role in the contemporary global system.IISA is the only think-tank initiative that goes beyond national and regional inclinations. 



  • Identify and analyse strategic and socio-political issues and crises within the Islamic-world.
  • Provide, from an Islamic-world perspective, the best available and possible objective information on strategic and socio-political developments trans-Islamically and globally.
  • Revive rationality over conservatism.
  • Provide an umbrella organisation for intellectuals of all inclinations.
  • Stimulate debate within the Islamic-world over aforementioned issues and crises, and address future directions.
  • Address issues such as militancy, war, and conflict in the Islamic-world and specialise in conflict resolution and peace-building processes.
  • Conduct conferences, seminars and convene meetings involving government officials, academics, independent analysts and journalists in different formats (public and private) to advance understanding of strategic, social, political, military, business, economic, environmental, religious and other trends that could have an impact on the Islamic-world and its dynamics.
  • Serve as a conduit between Islamists polities, Islamists and western governments and facilitate a medium to bridge the gap between Islamists and secularists.
  • Serve as an independent and viable platform for Muslim polities, governments, organisations, intellectuals and scholars.
  • Bring unity to the Islamic-world and work towards peace and stability globally.
  • Fund students from Islamic-world for education, particularly in fields such as international relations, security and peace studies.
  • Become the ‘alternative’ think-tank, which analyses the Islamic-world through its own standards and not via those such as liberalism, orientalism etc.
  • Create an equal, non-biased partnership with the western and developing worlds.

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