Tear gas and water cannons used in Calais migrant camp at protest

Migrants and activists in Calais clash with riot police, as they demand they be allowed to travel onward to Britain.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Sunday, 2 October 2016

Considered to be the worst clashes in the camp since February 2016, migrants and activists in Calais were met with tear gas and water cannons, as they called for UK border to be open.

Claiming that there is no possible political solution in France, refugees were joined by activists protesting the living conditions in Calais refugee camp, as well as demanding they be allowed to travel onward to Britain.

Around 10,000 refugees live in the Calais camp, which French President Hollande has vowed to close this year. Hollande plans to relocate the refugees to locations around France, but many refugees wish to cross borders to Britain and want the refugee camp to remain open.

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