Empowering Discussions. Enabling Solutions

IISA is a non-profit organisation focused on providing practical solutions for peace and stability across the Islamic World and worldwide.

IISA is an independent non-profit organisation that is working towards ‘Empowering discussions and enabling solutions’ across the world.

To encapsulate our work in a snapshot; we create frameworks for conflicts and security issues across the Islamic world and globally.

We are able to achieve our objectives due to:

  • Our neutrality
  • Our ability to build trust across divisions
  • Our perseverance and dedication to helping redress conflicts across the globe

Our work is unique: Formed in 2012, IISA is the world’s first think tank to provide effective policy analyses and advice on the strategic and socio-political dynamics of the Islamic world and across the globe. In addition, we work towards creating frameworks that are essential in mitigating key issues pertaining to conflict, governance, security, economics and environment etc.

What we do is urgently needed: The Islamic world and its key regions i.e., the MENA region are going through an existential crisis. The conflicts are not only long lasting but exacerbating. Yet, regional, governmental, and global governance actors seem unable to provide effective solutions. Our work is not limited to hosting dialogue amongst different actors, but it goes further in attempting to establish frameworks, capacity, and structure to mitigate conflict, and resolve security and governance issues. Therefore -as the tagline suggests – we are ‘empowering discussion – enabling solutions’

We are well placed to carry out our work: With over a decade of frontline experience across different regions of the Islamic world and around the world, we have carefully worked on the principles of inclusivity and international law. This has provided us with the most valuable commodity in our line of work, trust. We pride ourselves to be a thoroughly inclusive – oriented institute that has built trust across divisions while remaining neutral.