On 8 April 2021, IISA convened the fifth webinar of the process for human and energy security in Libya. The meeting was attended by participants from Libya, UAE, Egypt, Italy, and regional experts. Participants acknowledged how timely the meeting was and discussed both the current and emerging dynamics of the conflict.

Following an introduction on the current dynamics of the new government in Libya, participants considered the extent to which the new governance structure is sustainable and to what extent it could bring security and stability in Libya.

The following session saw participants discuss the capacity the new government would have for delivering on energy and human security. The discussion centered around how inclusive the new Government might be and if this would be sufficient to deliver on human securities. Participants considered what its priorities should be in order to deliver human security and concluded the second session by examining the role that the new Government can play in relation to revenue allocation and resource management.

Finally, participants concluded the discussion by considering the key priorities on the path to human security in the region, and considered how this group could be most effective in facilitating that.