Refugee & Border Control Programme

The Research of Global Migration & Displacement in order to develop Holistic Solutions for Refugees.

While there are numerous studies examining how the refugee crisis and human migration affects civilisations such as the West, there is a desperate lacking in analysis of foreseeable potential effects on the Islamic-world.

The Islamic-world has taken centre stage in the migration and refugee crises, and IISA is committed to the understanding that strategies aiming to address the global refugee crisis must also consider achieving short-term and long-term stability in the Islamic-world.

The IISA Refugee/Border Control Programme aims to apply a strategic and holistic approach in formulating both theoretical and practical solutions to address human migration and the refugee crisis.

Refugees and refugee movement have been approached as an issue of national security, rather than as a humanitarian issue, particularly in Europe. To address the one-sided focus only on national security, the Programme has launched several projects to promote and stimulate focus on the humanitarian crises faced by refugees worldwide.

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Recent Articles & Publications

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Refugee Report

The IISA Refugee Report is a project led by the IISA Refugee/Border Control Programme, with the aim of comprehensively covering and analysing all aspects of the refugee crisis. By tying together causative factors of migration, data on the humanitarian issues faced by refugees, and analysis of asylum policy, the Report intends to apply a holistic approach to create practical solutions to the refugee crisis.

The Refugee Report aims to publish monthly papers to: analyse events and trends; predict and discuss potential outcomes; and consider potential policy proposals to address immediate, mid-term and long-term issues of the refugee crisis.

A project to promote public goodwill and volunteer efforts for refugees.


On 20th January 2016, the programme held a specialist round table event in the House of Lords to discuss the refugee crisis. The meeting was titled ‘Refugees Crisis: Beyond Europe’s Border’, and sought to highlight issues at hand and to address alternative approaches which may be available.

The event was attended by significant individuals working on the crisis. Due to the nature of the event and attendees, Chatham House rules were applied to the meeting. Therefore, we will not be disclosing the identities of those in attendance; though we can disclose that as the round-table was chaired by IISA Director Usama Butt.