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Palestine Under Trump

There is no doubt that Trump’s incoming administration is going to drastically alter the relationship between Israel and the United States, with seemingly dire effects for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Obama, to his credit, worked hard to highlight Israel’s illegal activity in the treatment of its Occupied Territories, culminating in an historic UN Resolution denouncing the building of settlements on private Palestinian land. However, he failed to match this with any semblance of dialogue initiatives or diplomatic pressure to reach an accord, exposing a significant lacuna in his Middle East policy. Detrimentally, the Obama administration’s policy of denunciation has increased the strength of right-wing factions in Israel who thrive on international marginalisation and antagonism to support their claims of victimhood. Simultaneously, these actions have alienated the US in the eyes of the Israeli right, making them a less suitable partner for facilitating an agreement. In this light, Obama’s last ditch attempts to underline support for a two-state solution and to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza in his final month as President smack of desperation.

Situation Analysis: US election results and impacts on the Islamic world: ‘The end of history and the last man crawling’

Donal J Trump has done it! Despite his hate speeches, his treatment of women and his view on others faiths and colour of skins etc., He is the new leader of the ‘free world’. He won by a significant lead, reflecting how majority of American people think today!

Attempted Coup in Turkey: Two Months On

On the evening of 15 July, 2016, reports of armed clashes in Ankara and Istanbul dominated global news coverage as a group of military officers attempted to seize power from the government headed by President Erdogan. This operation sought to secure sites of information dissemination and restrict movement through the country, but ultimately failed in the face of broader popular and military support for the existing government.