VIDEO | Ibn-Khaldun Paper 

APRIL 2016

A video announcing the upcoming release of the annual Ibn-Khaldun Paper, (with short quotes taken from the paper) and the launch of IISA’s new Analysis Video Project.

ASB video still


VIDEO | Neo-Jihadism & Transitional Challenges | Regional analysis on the Middle EastRegional analysis on the Middle East

JULY 2015

A discussion by Researchers Mahmoud Swed, Yasmin Kamel and IISA’s director Usama Butt on the situation in the Middle East.

IISA video Middle east

PODCAST | Neo-Jihadism & Transitional Challenges 

APRIL 2015

IISA’s researchers on neo-Jihadism programme Yasmin Kamel and Max Quigley discuss the situation in Yemen and Syria.


IISA Podcast

PODCAST | Neo-Jihadism & Transitional Challenges |  Syria, Iraq and the fight against IS

OCT 2014

Katie Welsford,  IISA’s resident researcher and  Neo Jihadism programme manager,  discusses recent developments in Iraq, Syria and the fight against IS with Usama Butt, Director of IISA.


IISA Podcast


VIDEO | Resources, Militancy & Organised Crime in West & Horn of Africa | Guinea Bissau and Boko Haram

West-horn of Africa youtube June

A discussion presented by researchers Louise Matthews and Antanina Ricceri on Africa’s first ‘narco state’ Guinea Bissau and on the power of perception in relation to recent Boko Haram activities.

VIDEO | US Afghan Withdrawal | Elections in India and Afghanistan

Afghan, Indian elections video

A discussion presented by researcher Azeem Ali and IISA Director Usama Butt on recent elections in India and Afghanistan and implications for regional and global security.

VIDEO | Resurgence of Russia and China | Shanghai Gas Deal and Syrian Elections

Russia-China youtube June

A discussion presented by researchers Katie Welsford and Timothy Williams on the  recent multi-billion dollar gas deal between Russia and China, and the re-election of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.