About Us

A global think tank specialising in sustainable & practical solutions.

IISA is an independent nonprofit organisation working to provide practical and sustainable solutions for peace and stability across the Islamic World and worldwide. At IISA, we pride ourselves on:

  • Our neutrality
  • Our ability to build trust across division
  • Our perseverance and dedication to helping redress conflicts across the globe

Our work is urgently needed. Formed in 2012, IISA is the world’s first think tank to provide effective policy analyses on the strategic and sociopolitical dynamics of the Islamic world in its entirety. We are a global leader in foreseeing and understanding the developing situations in the Islamic world and its interactions with the wider global community. We specialise in issues such as governance, security, development, and conflict.

We provide advice and consultancy to governments, humanitarian organisations and development agencies.

IISA is seeking to broaden and diversify our funding in order to safeguard our independence and our reputation as a truly neutral organisation.