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NOV 2014 | BLOG

Ashraf Ghani: The challenges he faces


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ANALYSIS | India, Afghanistan and Pakistan: A New Triad?

JULY 2014

With the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, there are worries about stability in a region that remains a prisoner of its history. However, this region has also recently seen a change in power – in India and in Pakistan. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was recently elected with overwhelming majority in India. Interestingly, it last came to power in the late 90’s during Nawaz Sharif’s previous term as Pakistani Prime Minister when much progress was made in mending the relationship between the countries. Both the Afghan presidential candidates have expressed interest in working with other regional players, including India and Pakistan. With new leadership in India, relatively new leadership in Pakistan and a new president being elected in Afghanistan, these countries have the opportunity to break out of the shackles of the past and come together to maintain greater regional stability and security.

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ANALYSIS | Afghanistan’s elections and its impacts on regional security

JULY 2014

As the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) prepare to withdraw later in 2014, Afghanistan elects its new President. This has proven to be a difficult task as the elections have been mired in allegations of ballot stuffing and electoral rigging. With the stability of Afghanistan in the balance, can this deadlock be broken?

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‘Ibn-Khaldun’ Series | 2015 | Strategic Brief on the Resurgence of Russia and China

Ibn-Khaldun paper series is an annual paper series focusing on key strategic issues in the Islamic-world. Each issue of this series will give overarching strategic analyses of the existent and emerging strategic issues in the Islamic world.  This issue focuses on US Afghan withdrawal and its regional and global security impacts.

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