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Programme ended in Spring 2015.


ANALYSIS | Pursuing Truth and Dignity in Tunisia

SEPT 2014

On June 9th 2014, Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) was officially launched in order to deal with past human rights violations by revealing their truths. However, despite the ambitiousness of the commission several challenges remain. In order to be truly effective and to achieve its aims the Truth and Dignity commission must make a decisive effort to ensure it overtake the transitional justice process.

Truth, dignity commission

I-SSR REPORT | 4 | Islamists and Security Sector Reform

In tandem with our research project: Security sector reforms (SSR) in the Arab-revolution countries; two new issues of I-SSR are now ready to view and/or  download. Please visit ‘publications’ for these deeply research reports.

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I-SSR REPORT | 3 | Disarmament: The World through the Eyes of a Conflict Buster

I-SSR issue no. 3 provides a unique view through the perspective of a senior conflict resolution expert; Prof Kenji Isezaki.

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I-SSR REPORT | 2 | UK Government & SSR in Arab Revolution Countries

IISA held a round-table with senior officials from UK government’s Conflict Pool team on “Security sector reforms in the Arab-revolution countries”. The round-table was aimed at understanding the British government’s perception of challenges for both SSR and DDR processes in the Arab-revolution countries. This report analyses the meeting’s findings.

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I-SSR REPORT | 1 | SSR in Tunisia and Arab-Revolution countries

IISA contributed a panel on SSR (security sector reforms) experts to a conference in Tunis on 03-04 May 2012. The conference ‘Security in the Mediterranean and Security sector reform (SSR)’ – organised in association with the Tunisian Defence Ministry and CEMI – analysed the security issues in the region since the beginning of the Arab-revolution.

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