The world’s first and only think tank analysing the strategic and sociopolitical dynamics of the Islamic world.

Since 2012, IISA has been filling the gap in alternative policy analysis,  providing analyses of the rapidly changing dynamics of the Islamic world. We are a global leader in understanding the developing situations across the Islamic world, and it’s interactions with the wider global community. Our focus is on covering issues such as governance, security, development, economy and violence from a bottom-up, grassroots perspective.

We provide advice and consultancy to governments, humanitarian organisations, and development agencies; with services including:

  • Alternative policy analysis and alternative policy recommendation;
  • Political risk forecasting and early warning;
  • Conflict transformation and peace building advice;
  • Long and medium term strategic forecasting;
  • Annual Strategic Briefs;
  • Situation analyses, reports and strategic analyses;
  • Conferences, seminars, round table and one to one advice.